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"The evidence provided reflects a commitment to providing high-quality volunteer-based Visiting Hospice Services."

December 2019

Message from the Accreditation Review Team
Hope House Community Hospice has fulfilled the requirements for HPCO accreditation by demonstrating through extensive written and verbal evidence, that it follows HPCO standards.
In total, 137 items were gathered and evaluated.
The written and verbal evidence provided throughout the accreditation review demonstrate that the governance, operational, quality improvement and service delivery processes of this organization align with HPCO standards.
After reviewing the evidence, it is our assessment that Hope House Community Hospice meets the following expectations of a Visiting Hospice Service accredited by HPCO:
• The organization achieves a score of 90% or higher on the Accreditation Review assessment
• Services are designed and delivered in a way that maximizes safety for clients, volunteers and staff.
• The organization operates in a sustainable way; the current method of delivering service is likely to continue at this level for the next three years
• The organization demonstrates ongoing quality improvement

DECEMBER 2019 - Hope House completed Hospice Palliative Care Ontario's Accreditation Program for Visiting Volunteer Hospice Program 

The goal of the HPCO Visiting Volunteer Home Hospice Accreditation Program is to ensure the delivery of consistent, high quality home based volunteer hospice palliative care throughout Ontario.
Accreditation is an efficient and effective means of continuous learning and improvement – a provincial benchmark for Ontario hospices. The program is intended to assist each HPCO member in quality improvement efforts as they relate to visiting volunteer hospice client services.
Achieving Accreditation:
-validates our efforts and contributions
-provides opportunity for continuous learning & quality improvement
-legitimizes the role & contribution of our hospice & volunteers
-ensures consistent delivery of services & practices
-galvanizes and recognizes the HKA team
-provides outcome measurement for funders
-addresses risk-management 
-focuses on client-centred care with 

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