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for those caring for a seriously ill loved one.   REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

As a Compassionate Caregiver we grow our capacity to be present, create healthy boundaries and extend a deep sense of compassion to ourselves and our loved ones. Hope House provides support to family members caring for a loved one diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

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practical support

Please contact us if you require assistance - we will do our best to support you and your family and can link you to other organizations

Psychology Patient

supportive counselling

UNAVAILABLE at the moment

Provided for individuals (children, teens and adults) and families via Zoom or Telephone. 


Being a Compassionate Caregiver begins with the self. Self compassion encompasses three elements: self-kindness, connectedness and mindfulness. Hope House Wellness programs support all three! Check them out here.

There are no fees for Caregiver Support Programs. Donations are always welcome.

For information contact 905-727-6815 x223 OR

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